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Urgent help to projects


Only 30% of IT projects reach finish line. Management issues, broken architecture and budget overrun can kill you product. I am offer urgent help in this case and can reanimate your business

System architecture


If you want to create complex product, you need a well designed system architecture. I can create it from scratch and start the development cycle. Any scale - from personal web site to enterprise level industrial software.

Perfomance optimization


Your growing business overrun infrastructure capacity? I am offer help in perfomance optimization, finding bottlenecks and optimization. Reduce your expenses now!

Reverse engeenering


Lost your expert? Have obsolete system no one can mantain? I can perform analysis and reverse engineering of this system. Support with documenting and migrating to modern platforms.

Don't hestitate. Make grow your business.

About Me

Anton Ermak

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Anton Ermak

I’m a systems architect and software development guru. I specialize in IT startups, WEB 2.0, media, cloud computing and agile development. Visit my blog.

Some companies I am working with

Dell Yota Diasoft


Some projects I am involved

My latest projects

Webinars with video editor on Amazon Cloud


Yota Play - multi-platfrom movie streaming with DRM (like Netflix)

System Architect

Application level firewall as cloud service

Encipher It

Google Mail or Facebook message encryptor


iPad Torrent Plugin

Plugin for Mobile Safari that allow to download torrents. Open Source.


Python bindings for Quik

Python trading bot creation framework for Quik client. Open Source.

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My expertise cover:

System analysis

Collecting requirements and create system architecture: UML models, components and interfaces specifications. Establishing agile (SCRUM/XP) project workflow and development environment with Joel score 12/12.

Cloud computing and high perfomance

Design applications operated in Amazon Cloud and Google App Engine with extensive use of API. Create architecture for redundant and well-scaled applications

Java platform and enterprise software

I used to develop a lot of java projects, including conference servers, banking systems, web 2.0 sites, digital right management and other. The list of frameworks and application servers I use is huge: JBoss, Mobicents, Weblogic, Spring, JSP, JSF, GWT, Struts, Seam, Turbine and many other.

C/C++ and embedded systems

Build and run Linux kernel on wide range of special hardware including ARM, MIPS and x86 cards. Develop device drivers and high perfomance realtime data processing software. Have experience with iOS development.

Scripting languages and WEB 2.0

Build web applications with use of PHP, Python, Javascript, Coffeescript and some other languages. Have expertise in node.js and Django frameworks. Use modern approach to create WEB applications: REST API, event driving architecture, rich client side views.


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Please read FAQ and this blog post before ask questions about torrent plugin. Sorry, I can't answer letters about torrents.